Got a Sweet Tooth?

Bodega bay Portworks is made by Kaz, the infamous winemaker and owner of Kaz Winery in Sonoma Valley. Learn More

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Pirate Cap'n Kaz Welcomes Ye All

They say that the world is crafted by the most daring/craziest among us. So Kaz (Owner/Portmaker) wants to challenge taste buds, crush notions of "normal" and let you redefine Ports.

Come Visit Us at Kaz Winery!

We're open 4 days a week and serve 2 or 3 of our Ports. And the bonus is that you'll find Kaz himself there most of the time!

New at the Kaz Winery & Tasting Room...

Wine from the barrel! You can even bottle it and slap a label on it right there on the spot.

BBP PORT BLOG Coming Soon!!!

By popular demand Kaz is going to be shedding some light on the mysteries of his unique ports. Stay tuned!

"This is the most intriguing port in Northern California bar none. If you're luck enough to get a flight of 3 then you're gonna be a happy camper." - Josh Dumell, Contributing Writer, Vintage 101 Quarterly